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Pharmeuropa Bio aims to keep readers up-to-date with the activities of the European Biological Standardisation Programme and communicate the results of international collaborative studies. Pharmeuropa Bio is published periodically, in English only, and as single issues.

Pharmeuropa Bio 2006-1 contains the following articles:
Validation of in vitro Potency Assays for Tetanus Immunoglobulin;
Validation of a New ELISA Method for in vitro Potency Assay of
Hepatitis B-containing Vaccines; Establishment of the Human
Coagulation Factor VII Concentrate European Pharmacopoeia BRP Batch 1; Collaborative Study for the Establishment of Replacement Batches for Somatropin CRS Batch 1; Collaborative Study toEstablish Human Immunoglobulin BRP Batch 3 and Human Immunoglobulin (Molecular Size) BRP Batch 1; International Collaborative Study to Establish Immunoglobulin (Anti-D Test) BRP Batch 1; Establishment of European Pharmacopoeia MycoplasmaReference Strains;Collaborative Study for the Validation of Serological Methods for Potency Testing of Diphtheria Toxoid vaccine.

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