Value Plastics® designs and manufactures an extensive line of over 3,100 fittings and connectors for plastic tubing. Major product areas include luer fittings and connectors, tubing fittings and connectors up to 1” (25.4 mm) ID, fittings and connectors joining plastic tubing to threaded ports, blood pressure fittings and connectors, and prototyping (bondable) fittings and connectors.

Six barb styles are offered to provide designers the widest range of assembly forces, pull off resistance and blow off resistance ? without the need for clamps.
Our fittings and connectors are specified by leading healthcare and industrial OEMs around the world and are designed for a wide range of tubing applications. Value Plastics uses nylon, polypropylene, polycarbonate, acetal, PVDF, ABS and polysulfone resins, among other engineering resins, to manufacture its products. All luer fittings and connectors are manufactured to interconnect to ISO standards 594-1 and 594-2, all fittings and connectors are also manufactured in a cleanroom ISO 14644-1 Level 8 (formerly identified as Class 100,000) environment. Many materials are available that satisfy USP Class VI criteria, and resins free from animal derivatives are also available. Value Plastics uses only virgin resins in the manufacture of its components, ensuring lot traceability and industry leading quality for all its products. Our quality system is registered under ISO 9001:2000 criteria and satisfies the most demanding customer requirements. The Value Plastics Design Center provides custom solutions when you require a very specific product to meet your needs.
URL : www.valueplastics.com