CytoLab Ltd. is a Biotechnology company dedicated to providing life science research with the highest quality cytokine products.
Using state-of-the-art facilities, proprietary technology and devoted personnel, CytoLab has been successful in developing an extensive line of recombinant cytokines, growth factors, chemokines and neurotrophins as well as a complementary line of monoclonal and Polyclonal antibodies.

In collaboration with PeproTech, the two companies have currently over 300 products characterized by utmost purity, high specific activity and are marketed worldwide.

CytoLab Ltd. Cytokines for the Middle East, Africa, Australia
and Asia 12 Hamada Street, Beit Tamar entrance A 2nd floor
Rehovot, Israel
Tel : +972 (0) 8 946 0948 Fax : +972 (0) 8 946 0861
E-mail : info@cytolab.com
Address : www.cytolab.com