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United States Biological supplies over 50,000 products:biochemicals , biologicals,and the largest selection of antibodies in the world . In addition, USBio offers a wide variety of custom services ranging from protein expression,antibody development , and peptide synthesis, to the fastest preparation of custom cell culture and microbiological media in the business.
Featured Products

Custom Polyclonal Antibodies
35-day, rabbit. USDA-registered polyclonal production using start- of ? the art facilities.

Protein Refolding Kit, BioGene
Simplify the process of identifying the best refolding conditions.

Protein Expression Media, Media Optimization (Powder) pEX
Unique media formulations designed to improve recombinant protein

Nuclease P1
Nuclease 5`-Nucleotidehydrolase ,-3` Phosphohydrolase .


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