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Custom Engineering

Custom systems can be engineered for special applications.
For example - the CABINET 20/50 shown here can accommodate three
SYSTEM20/50 units and all associated instrumentation in a space-saving
roll-around design.


Dissolved Oxygen

Unique oxygen probes provide temperature compensated measurement of
dissolved oxygen in Cellbag bioreactors.


Fliter Heater

Anti-condensation heaters prevent moisture buildup on exhaust air filters.


Aeration pump

An aeration pump is required to inflate and aerate the Cellbag.
The AIRPUMP20 with automatic pressure shutoff is ideal.


CO2 gas controller

Provides 0 to 15% CO2-air mixture for pH control.
Requires a CO2 gas source.
Built-in aeration pump.


O2 gas controller

Provides 21 to 50% O2-air mixture for DO control.
Requires a O2 gas source.
Built-in aeration pump.


Load Cell Controller

Load cells can be fitted to SYSTEM20/50 for online weight measurement.
This is essential for accurate volume control needed for perfusion operations.