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The Hot Lip tube sealer is an ultraportable device for heat sealing thermoplatic tubing.The leakproof, tamperproof seal produced is ideal for ensuring inculum , products ,media and buffers do not leak as with tubing clamps or plugs on bioprocess bags and other vessels.

The Hot Lips Tube Sealer is a portable device to thermally seal thermoplastic tubing. Leak and tamper-proof seal is ideal for ensuring the inoculum, products, media and buffers do not leak through tubing clamps or plugs. Perfect for shipment and GMP.
  1. seals any thermoplastic tubing form 0.25 to 1.25 OD
  2. Use PharMed , C-Flex ,PVC , Sanipure or similar tubing
  3. Thermal seal provides tamperproof protection
  4. Compact and ultraportable
  5. User ? programmable for various tubing types
  6. Requires only electrical service 1010 /220 VAC ,auto switching
  7. NO Compressed air or cooling water needed.
  8. NO accessories required for operation
  9. Made in The U S A . Proven , validatable performance.
  Power : 110/220 VAC universal voltage
  Size : 6.5 W * 14 D * 8 H ( 165mm * 356mm * 203mm)
  Weigh : 8 kg
  Max tubing OD :31.8mm / Min tubing OD :4MM
  Typical sealing cycle : < 2 minutes