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Sterile Tube Fuser - IRc for Liquid-Filled Welding - equipped with TUBE1
-IR/WW (5/8"OD wet welding tube holder set).
Pre-programmed for C-Flex. 110/220VAC universal voltage.
  1. Welds any thermoplastic tubing from 1/4 to 7/8 inch OD using interchangeable holders
  2. Use C-Flex ,PharMed ,Tygon /PVC or similar tubing
  3. Thermal weld provides exceptional strength.
  4. Make aseptic connections without a laminar flow cabinet
  5. New , more compact design : portable.
  6. User - programmable for various tubing types .
  7. Requires only electrical service . 110/220 VAC universal voltage .

8. Proven , validated performance for GMP operation

  Power : 110 / 220 VAC (auto switching ) 1 Amp max
  Size : 381 mm (L) * 325 mm (W) * 254 mm (H)
  Weight : 16 kg
  Max tubing OD : 22mm
  Min tubing OD : 6.4mm
  Approvals : CE ,EMV
  Typcial fusing cycle : ~2 mintures

Cutting blades : non-sterile , PTFE - coated , sigle - use


The Sterile Tube Fuser includes

Pressing this button locks the cover and advances the sequence to the next operation .
Tubing holders grip the tubing securely during the welding cycle assuring perfect alignment. Holders can be snapped out in seconds to weld different diameter tubing.
Shows the status of the welding operation. Operator prompts make it easy to make reproducible welds without specialized training. All key parameters are displayed.
Time-stamped data can be printed out documenting each tube weld. Key parameters and tube type are printed.