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The sterile tube fuser is a fully automated device for welding together thermoplastic Tubing in a sterile operation without the need for a laminar flow cabinet. The machine is useful for connecting tubing between sterile containers , bags , and Process equipment. The unit can connect large diameter tubing for the rapid and easy Transfer of large volumes . Major uses are bioprocessing and aseptic pharmaceuitical Application.

STF-IRc Model Features include - user programmable parameters for different types of tubing, LCD display for prompts and data, infrared blade temperature sensor, improved blade holders and cover. PC interface for data printing and parameter download. Faster fusing cycle. Same reliable mechanism as the original REEWelder at a lower price. Uses new PTFE-coated blades for better welds
True thermal weld provides exceptional strength
Makes aseptic connection without a laminar flow cabinet
Fully automated validatable operation
Single-use blades
Compact, rugged, easy to carry
Programmable for many types of thermoplastic tubing