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Proven for animal, virus, insect, and plant cell culture in suspension, or on carriers. The Wave Bioreactor is the ideal device for cell culture. Culture medium and cells only contact a presterile, disposable chamber called a Cellbag that is placed on a special rocking platform. The rocking motion of this platform induces waves in the culture fluid. These waves provide mixing and oxygen transfer, resulting in a perfect environment for cell growth that can easily support over 20 x 10 6 cells/ml. The bioreactor requires no cleaning or sterilization, providing the ultimate ease in operation and protection against cross-contamination.
1.Disposable Bioreactor Chamber.
2.Scalable to 100 liters.
3.Completely closed system. Operates with or without an incubator.
4.Easy to operate.
The Wave Bioreactor SYSTEM200 Includes
Touchpanel operator interface.
Stainless-steel enclosure securely holds the Cellbag.
Instrument bay for optional modules for dissolved oxygen, C0 2 control, weight and pH.
Performance For 2 x Cellbag 100L or single Cellbag 200L
    Graphic touchpanel RS85 and ethernet ports
Agitation Speed adjustable from 4 to 30 rocks/minute.
    Adjustable angle from 2 to 9 degrees
Temperature Integral heater
Aeration Integral areation pump, flow meter and loadcell
Dimensions 1930 mm x 1016 mm x 990mm (76” x 40” x 39”)
Weight 280 Kg (600 lbs).
    Mounted on casters.
Utilites 200-240 VAC 3 ph 20A
    CO2 and O2 (optional)
Options DO200 dissolved oxygen module, Co2Mix200 module,
    O2MIX200 module, pH200 module, Anolog output
    module, PCDAQ data acquisiton software