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SYSTEM2/10 is designed as a low-cost entry level Wave Bioreactor. It utilizes the same CELLBAG2L and CELLBAG10L that are used in the larger SYSTEM20/50 ensuring easy scale up. The unit has microprocessor controlled rocking and the speed and rock angle can be changed fom the front panel controls or from an external computer. A built-in aeration pump inflates and aerates the Cellbag. The unit can be placed in a cell culture incubator for temperature and pH control, or directly on the benchtop.
  1.Low cost system.
  2.Compact. Footprint of only 13 x 19".
  3.Uses CELLBAG2L (max 1 liter culture) or CELLBAG10L (max 5 liters culture).
  4.Attachment culture using microcarriers.
   Operates with or without an incubator.
  5.Optional weight-based perfusion controller with integral feed/harvest pumps.
  Sampling Ports.
  Disposable Cellbag bioreactor chamber.
  Fill/Harvest port.
  Integral airpump with mass flow meter.
  Multifunction control enables adjustment of rocking angle, speed and aeration rate.
  Digital multifunction display.
Performance For Cellbag 2L or 10L
    LCD user interface RS485 port
Agitation Speed adjustable from 3 to 40 rocks/minute.
    Adjustable angle from 2 to 9 degrees
Temperature Integral heater or place in incubator
Aeration Integral areation pump with mass flow meter
Dimensions 489 mm x 330 mm x 200mm (10” x 13.1” x 8”)
    with Holder 2EH
Weight 4.2 Kg (9 lbs)
Utilites 110/220 VAC 2A
Options Perfusion module with pumps and weight sensor
    DO20 adissolved oxygen amplifier
    PCDAQ data acquisition software